The Unicorn's Horn:

Do you find yourself caught on a horn of dilemma?

Are you in search of a technical product, a missing piece of technology or process? Perhaps you want to develop something you believe is totally new?

Unicorn Technical Services offers a new stand-alone prepaid service to individuals and small to medium-sized companies to help with the quest.

As product developers with over 150 years of accumulated experience in a wide variety of technologies, we often find that devices or technology we are asked to develop is already available and on the market. It is always easier to purchase something than to develop something new. Many times what you are looking for is used for a different market or environment, and you will not even know it is there unless you know where and how to look..

Our technical specialists will perform a detailed, intelligent, and extensive search of what is already out there -- and report to you so you can purchase the technology or product directly from its original source.

Level 1 search -$50.00

  • We often can locate a simple widget or product already on the market.
  • Typically these searches take us an hour or less.
  • We will get you an answer the next day after your request is received.

Level 2 search - $148.50

  • Find equipment, technical software, or service already being sold.
  • Typically this type of search can be accomplished in a day or two.
  • Requires one or more phone calls to vendors.
  • Requires research in one or more specialized technical databases.
  • Requires at least one round of questions back to you.

Level 3 search - $349.50

  • Extensive search for a complex service, product or technology.
  • This may take a week or more.
  • Several phone calls and email inquiries to vendors will be required.
  • Requires research on multiple specialized technical databases.
  • Two or more rounds of questions back to you.

Though we cannot guarantee that we will find an existing product or technology, we routinely do these types of searches for internal projects before we try to "reinvent the wheel."

We are so confident that we can save you money finding your widget, service, or technology that we guarantee we will find it or your next search of the same level is on us. Please realize that the search is only as good as the information supplied for the product or component description. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us.

Payments are accepted through PayPal.

Unicorn's Horn