Unicorn Technical Services Principals:

  • Niel Leon, Mechanical Design
    • Niel heads up the team effort, bringing 30 years of mechanical systems design experience, including the development and commercialization of medical devices and other life critical systems, while working in both commercial and governmental sectors. He has exceptionally strong "hands-on" skills in machine and mechanism design, tool design, plastic molding, composites, fabrication practices and procedures, design for assembly, kinematics, and dynamic analysis/modeling. Additional skills include the efficient use of CAD, system development and analysis, project management, and TQM.
  • Richard Pease, Photonics and Software
    • Richard is a proven innovator and developer of advanced industrial projects. He has extensive experience in developing products that cross disciplinary fields such as optical improvement, software system and application methodology, ultra high speed photography and imagery, holography, image enhancement, and applied chemistry. Richard is the technical co-founder of the laser-based film-less theater projector, the "Magic Lantern."
  • Dennis Prochazka, Procurement Support
    • Dennis is our procurement specialist. His expertise is in engineering review and manufacturability testing. He helps us identify vendors in the U.S. and internationally, and is able to bring your products to the marketplace efficiently and at lower cost.
  • Larry Wright, Electro-mechanical design
    • Larry has a background of 25 years as an Engineer Specialist and Electro-Mechanical Designer, with expertise in small and large scale product design, development, and manufacturing in the commercial, medical, and defense industries.